Between 2001 and 2011, only 17% of graduating students in Jamaica passed the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) high school math exam.*


Our Mission

The mission of Reggae Math Foundation Inc. is to increase the love and understanding of math in underserved populations with a history of low performance in math. Using great teachers and tutors, professional development of teachers, and engaging activities and materials, our mission is to educate learners so they can teach someone else.

As long as I can afford it, I would definitely utilize this service for my son. I would probably use it myself.
— Parent of student, Portmore, Jamaica

Our InITIAL Goals

  • Master teacher series: Film lectures of Jamaica’s excellent and engaging teachers who have a history of success in reaching students.
  • Video Archive: Create a video library that will be accessible free of charge.
  • Professional development: Ensure that every child has a skilled teacher. We will work with proven professional development programs to give teachers the tools they need to reach more students.
  • Peer tutoring: Create a Peer-to-Peer teaching module in which high achieving math students can tutor other students.
  • Math engagement: Support provision of activities and materials which increase the love and understanding of math.